Woman dies after ‘200% safe’ operation costing Rs43-lakh

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Instead she left the hospital in a comatose state after almost 60 days and died a few minutes later in an ambulance on December 19.
In a complaint to the Maharashtra Medical Council on December 28, Bafna (60), who is employed with a private firm, said the doctors had assured him that the new procedure —transcatheter mitral valve repair—was "200% safe" and his wife, Manju, would be back home in five days.

http://markmersereau.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0//"http:////markmersereau.com//motor-vehicle-information///" Thane resident Mithulal Bafna raised Rs 43 lakh with much difficulty to pay the medical bills for his 56-year-old wife, who died a fortnight ago. But what is eating him up is that a heart valve specially ordered for his wife “fell” into her heart during a procedure carried out in the presence of top heart specialists at Hinduja Hospital in Mahim. Full Story