TB patient who is resistant to 12 out of 13 drugs could spread disease

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“Doctors have to be cautious and make patients aware about spreading the infection in the community. We can’t stop patients from travelling,” said Dr Sunil Khaparde, deputy director general of the TB control programme.
However, nowhere in the national TB policy is it stated that severe drug-resistant patients need to be isolated.

http://gsredlon.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0// The girl from Govandi is resistant to 12 of the 13 anti-TB drugs that are available, which according to doctors, makes her a public hazard.

watch Despite contracting TB, she lives at home and frequently uses public transport.

“She travels in buses and local trains, just like most of us. Knowing that she possibly harbours a bacterial strain that is resistant to all other drugs, including Bedaquiline, she could be spreading the infection,” said Dr Oswal who is of the opinion that she could be placed in quarantine so that chances of her spreading the infection is diminished. Full Story