‘Pharma industry’s playbook on low-quality drugs’


The advantage of this tactic is that it brings on board the vocal Indian health activists who then act as a force multiplier in the public relations battle.
The crux of this strategy is to allege that the foreign regulator’s actions against the Indian firm is in retaliation of India’s tough IP laws which are disliked by the Western pharma industry.

where to order Depakote online Over the course of the past month, the media has reported several instances of ‘Made-in-India’ substandard drugs that were detected by regulatory authorities in India, Vietnam and recently, Mozambique. None of these reports should come as a surprise given that regulators from the US, EU and WHO have been red-flagging the quality of Indian-made drugs for over a decade now.

follow link The Indian pharma industry has a playbook when the quality crisis within the sector is exposed. It has four strategies, unfortunately none of them include admitting responsibility.

The first strategy is the ‘victim card’. It is deployed primarily against foreign regulators who discover Indian pharma companies fudging safety data or short-circuiting clinical studies. Full Story