Padmashri Dr S Natarajan on diabetic eye disorders and their treatment

S Natarajan, is one of the most well-known ophthalmologists in India and he had recently been to Kashmir to help youths regain eye-sight after they were hurt by pellet gun firing. CLICK THE PIC ABOVE TO WATCH THE FULL VIDEO INTERVIEW

Misoprostol ordering In this special episode of Doctor In The House we have the famed ophthalmologist Dr S Natarajan to talk about diabetic retinopathy and other disorders. He spoke about the chances of recovering a damaged eye and about treatments that can help in the recovery of eye sight in a diabetic. Dr Natarajan has won the Padmashri for his contribution to eye care and saving thousands of people from blindness. He runs an eye hospital in suburban Mumbai of Wadala called Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital. Click here to watch full interview video