Long work hours may hike women’s diabetes risk by 70%

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Interestingly, the length of the working week wasn't associated with a heightened risk of the disease among men.
Long working hours might also prompt a chronic stress response in the body, so increasing the risk of hormonal abnormalities and insulin resistance.

http://ockidsdental.com/?p=4283 Women who work for 45 hours or more a week may be associated with nearly 70 percent increased risk of diabetes as compared to men or women who worked for 30 to 40 hours a week, a study has found. Longer-working men however did not face this risk.

dapoxetine buy blog While it is an observational study, the researchers noted, that the reason may be because women might work longer hours, when all the household chores and family responsibilities are taken into account, the researchers said. Full Story