It’s not only stents, other high-cost med devices too bleed patients dry

The truth is that not only are these six lakh cardiac stents sold across India every year, but millions of syringes, cannulae or eye lenses, too, are sold at highly inflated prices.
NPPA fixed the prices following complaints that patients had to, in some cases, pay over 700 times the import price.

An injection or a syringe costs around Rs2 to make, but an average Indian patient buys it at five times the sum. The single-digit ‘profit’ on an injection may seem trivial till one notes that three billion injections are sold across India annually, revealing that patients as a group are overcharged by billions of rupees each year.

The import price of a popular hip implant is Rs8,906, but by the time it’s marked on a patient’s bill, it costs Rs1.29 lakh, a markup of 1,448%.

These are two examples TOI found after talking to distributors of medical devices a day after the NPPA capped prices of cardiac stents at Rs29,600 apiece. Full Story