Gene that could prevent overeating identified

“When animals are malnourished they seek out food by roaming their environment. When they're well fed they have no need to roam, and when they're fully sated they enter a sleep-like state,” said Associate Professor Roger Pocock, who led the research.
It is also believed to be behind the need to sleep after eating, which happens only when the body has stored enough fat.

Scientists claim to have discovered a gene that triggers a feeling of fullness and could help prevent the urge to overeat.

In good news for anyone struggling to stick to a diet, researchers from Monash University in Melbourne and the University of Copenhagen said their findings could lead to the development of a drug that reduces appetite and increases desire for exercise.

The gene, which controls signals between the brain and the intestines, was discovered in roundworms, but a similar one is found in people, said the scientists. Full Story