Ex-banker trains 15 runners for amateurs in spite of insulin imbalance


Namrata’s group met four times a week, three days were dedicated to building strength with the help of yoga and exercises in an open space and they ran every Sunday.
“Running changes you as a person. Not only do we accept our fears uninhibitedly, we also gain confidence,” she said while she posed with her group at the iconic Azad Maidan— the administrative centre of Mumbai Marathon.

go A group of 15 people from Ahmedabad who completed the 21-kilometre Mumbai Marathon that began early in the morning on Sunday had only their coach Namrata Sheth to thank for the feat.

watch Namrata had to quit her job at a bank after she was afflicted with hormonal imbalance that caused her insulin levels to fluctuate. When her doctor told her that she will have to stay dependent on medicines for the rest of her life, Namrata refused to concede ground and decided to make healthy living the new centre of her life and took to running as her “treatment”. “At first, I could hardly run hundred metres, and now I have a group of people who ran 21 kilometres,” said Namrata who runs a program in Ahmedabad where she trains amateurs for marathons with an overarching focus on staying fit. She also advises them on their dietary habits. Full Story