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How to avoid diabetes related complications

February 15, 2018 Anushka Mishra 0

In a succinct and lucid interview with Living With Diabetes newsmagazine diabetologist Dr Deepak Dalal talks about prophylactic measures to avoid organ disorder, various drug-induced diabetes, new and upcoming technologies that bring hope to diabetics [Full Story]

Many diabetics suffer from unrelenting obesity problems, but a new range of innovative treatments have come to the market though the jury on their efficacy is still out.
Indian Diabetes Review TV

Innovative treatment of obesity

November 13, 2016 Anushka Mishra 0

Dr Manjiri Patankar, an obesity expert and cosmetic physician, has long experience in non-surgical body and face sculpting treatments. We spoke to her at her clinic at Thane, near Mumbai, to understand if her treatments [Full Story]

Indian Diabetes Review TV

How celebrities manage diabetes

November 13, 2016 DIABETIC LIFE 360 0

In this premier edition of OMNIBUS programme we meet up with well-known personalities who have devised their unique ways to manage diabetes. Shalini Kumar, in spite of her tough work schedules and commitments, tells us [Full Story]

Indian Diabetes Review TV

Is cure for diabetes coming?!

November 7, 2016 Keshav Srivastava 0

Most diabetics are disappointed with the research and development in diabetes drugs and the inability of scientists to find a cure. Even as scientists struggle with a complicated metabolic disorder, many in the medical field [Full Story]