buy cheap synthroid online The reasons why Living With Diabetes will deliver:

  • India’s only newsmagazine for diabetics and their caregivers
  • 3.67-lakh copies circulation and over 14.6-lakh readership
  • Targeted at diabetics, care-givers, healthcare experts and professionals
  • Readers get all the news and information to better manage their health
  • Interviews and chats with medical experts from across the world
  • Regular inspirational stories of diabetics who made it big
  • Our internet TV channel IDR TV gathers nearly 1-lakh viewers
  • newsportal daily unique visitors are nearly 1,300
  • newsportal monthly unique visitors touch 39,000 What more can you ask for?


The Living With Diabetes is the only newsmagazine for diabetics and their caregivers in this country.

> The Living With Diabetes has the most comprehensive coverage of news and developments that are useful for people with the disorder

> The magazine and newsportal carry regular exclusive interviews with diabetologists and health professionals

> India becoming the diabetes capital of the world is the most talked-about subject in the healthcare circles today. Living With Diabetes, for the first time, has the widest coverage with in-depth analyses, research reports, first-hand experience of people affected by the health disorder from around the world and signature articles by India’s best known doctors

> Special sections on diet control and exercises needed for diabetics to keep a healthy outlook

> The editorial thrust gauges the future course of action by the government to help diabetics tide over their financing of medical issues

> We give special coverage of all the serious diabetes-related health issues like kidney failure, heart disease, blindness, liver cyrrohsis, gangrene, tuberculosis, skin disorders, et al in the Living With Diabetes

> The news portal gives 24×7 news coverage of all developments related to diabetes from the world over, with special emphasis on how Indians suffering from this scourge can benefit from research and development abroad

> India’s only internet based television channel Indian Diabetes Review TV for diabetics and
their caregivers is hosted on Youtube and Google Hangout platforms for easy and free access

> Indian Diabetes Review TV will host the most interactive programmes for diabetics which include celebrity chats, interactions with top-notch doctors, drug manufacturers, sugar-substitute manufacturers, healthcare professionals, etc to continuously make the life of diabetics easier than what it is

Reach your constituency

The Living With Diabetes is the first and only consumer-based magazine in India to meet the dire need of diabetics for news and information to manage their health disorder better. Our print order of 3.6-lakh copies are distributed across India with a readership touching 12-lakh+ diabetics.

Even though the magazine will be available on the stands the captive audience will be carefully garnered through subscription through our news portal registration protocol. is one of a kind newsportal which is updated 24×7 with stories being filed from five metro bureaus in the country. The newsportal promises to fulfill not just the news and information gap that is badly felt amongst diabetics in the country, but it also endeavours to advocate the cause of the people suffering from this scourge. We will be using all the verticals of the newsmagazine, newsportal, internet TV channel and the NGO to strengthen our advertisers’ cause.


• More than 1,22,947 page views per month
• More than 39,000 unique visitors per month
• Indian users: NRI users – 85%: 15%

Reader demographical stats:

• 15 to 24 19.31%
• 25 to 34 26.24%
• 35 to 44 43.70%
• 55+ 10.57%

Category of website visited by readers:
• Diabetics 57.23%
• Care-givers 16.21%
• Consultants 17.88%
• Doctors 8.68%
• 47.25% of users log off their computers after visiting
• 23.01% of users visit when they log on to their computer

Campaign options

• Regular Banners (IAB standard sizes)
• Rich media banners
• Video ad – Pre-roll & Post-roll
• Innovative branding campaign


• Regular banners @ Rs125 CPM
• Rich media ads @ Rs150 to Rs200 CPM

Creative specification

• Full banner 710×60 pixels
• Tower ad 120×600 pixels
• Medium Rectangle 300×251 pixels
• Pop under 550×480 pixels

The twice-a-week newsletter from is distributed to over 1.83-lakh diabetics, caregivers and health professionals in India and a few abroad on pull basis. The rates of advertising on the newsletter will remain the same as above.

Tariff Card

Gate fold (cover) Rs1,35,000
Double Spread Rs1,05,000
Back Cover Rs90,000
Inside front Rs80,000
Inside back cover Rs75,000
Opening page (Full page) Rs65,000
Full page Rs60,000

Special Features
A4 size (colour) 8 pages (min) Rs4,50,000


Annual Subscription (12 issues) Rs1,800
2-year Subscription (24 issues) Rs3,800
3-Year Subscription (36 issues) Rs5,800

Mechanical Data (in mm) W x H
Full Page (Bleed size) 216 x 303
Full Page (Ad Size) 210 x 297
Double Spread (Bleed Size) 426 x 303
Double Spread (Ad Size) 420 x 297
Vertical Half 210 x 148.5
Horizontal Half Page 105 x 297


# Special rates can be worked out for six issues and long term contracts. Please contact us for the same.
# We can offer you a packaged deal for promotional coverage as Cover story in the magazine + lead story in the newsportal + internet TV channel video branding & product profiling + 6 month single-page magazine ad insertions.
All inclusive package: Rs7.6-lakh

# Other permutation-combination can also be mutually worked out according to your customised requirements.
For Advertisement & space booking details contact:

Sunny Joseph
Projects Head


Telefax: 022 2591 4196